Did You Know?

December 29, 2019

Did You Know?

The city of Philadelphia is only 1 of 5 cities that have a professional sports team in the MLB, NFL, NBA, & NHL. The other five cities are;

Chicago- Blackhawks(NHL), Cubs & White Sox(MLB), Bulls(NBA), Bears(NFL)

New York- Islanders & Rangers(NHL), Mets & Yanks(MLB), Knicks(NBA), Giants & jets(NFL)

Minnesota- Wild(NHL), Twins(MLB), Timberwolves(NBA), Vikings(NFL)

Washington- Capitals(NHL), Nationals(MLB), Wizards(NBA), Redskins(NFL)

& of course

Philadelphia- Flyers(NHL), Phillies(MLB), 76ers(NBA), Eagles(NFL)

To make even sweeter the city of Philadelphia is only 1 of 2 cities that have a championship in all four major league sports. New York is the other city. 

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